Had an early window last weekend to do a few portrait pics with beautiful friend (and my occasional Yoga teacher) Andrea. At 35 weeks pregnant, she is almost ready to give birth to her second child. I wish Andrea and partner Zen the very best for their next little introduction into this world! All photos taken at the Pullman Hotel Liverpool


Saydyko Fedorova


Saydyko Federova is a fantastic musician and performer..The instrument she specializes in is the Khomus Jew's harp. Saydyko originates from Yakutsk in Siberia, and her music and costumes are unique and traditional to that region..On a current visit to the UK I got a chance to meet up with her and take a few portraits.


Millie and Summer


To take or (make) a photograph of someone, and capture the emotion right there at that very moment in time, is one of the most honest and gratifying things i can think of..It's also very pleasing to give the 'moment' back to that person for their own keepsake and memories for years to come..New mum Millie, and little five month old Summer were certainly no exception..With beautiful natural light coming through every room in the house, and a fantastic energy from mother and daughter, we went ahead and made these portrait pics..


Rawia Matthew and Aiya


It's always great to get together with my long time friend Rawia. We don't get to see each other very often these days but when we do, It seems like I only talked to her last week! The meeting this time around though was under very different circumstances..We were brought together by a little wonder that her and partner Matthew have brought into this world..A baby girl by the name of 'Aiya' and at only five months old, is now the heart of their lives. I was more than happy to make my way over to Chester, where they currently reside, and capture moments that exist now with newly born take these pictures with them into the future. I'm sure this will be the first of many for Rawia and her new family and wish them the best of my love..


Karen and Mike Wedding


I'd been for breakfast at Coast Cafe Bistro in Woolton village a couple of times, and had really liked the homely feel and decor of the interior..So much so, that I asked Karen and co-owner Michelle would it be possible to photograph the place!..They very kindly allowed me to do so, and were pleased with the final images. A couple of weeks later Karen asked me would I photograph her wedding to partner Mike at the end of that month, with all the wedding celebrations taking place at the Cafe Bistro itself...So I did! And what a great day it turned out to be..The service took place mid afternoon at the Unitarian Chapel in Gateacre which is a beautiful little church. Here are a few pics from a very special day.


Alicia and Richard Wedding



I travelled down to Bristol to photograph the wedding of two very special people, Alicia and Richard..They were to be wed at the fantastic King's Weston House. The main room where the service was to be held was nothing short of elegant and regal, the walls adorned with beautiful paintings and decor..My good friend and Minister, Nigel Ipinson Fleming, carried out the service with wonderful words of wisdom, and played some beautiful song's with his gospel choir..My best wishes and love to Alicia and Richard   


Jan and Andy Wedding


Jan and Andy's wedding was held at the suites hotel in Knowsley, here in the north west of England..It was to be a beautiful and fantastic day for everyone who attended. I arrived at 9:30am to set up my camera gear and check everything was in place...Soon afterwards I started to photograph and document the special day from morning till night..Many pics to take, many people to organise!. Jan looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, and Andy looked sharp in his suit..Everybody from the hotel staff to all the family members involved were very accommodating indeed...My wishes and Congratulations to Jan and Andy!